What’s your musical genome? A web site aims to answer that question

In its April issue, Esquire makes five bold predictions about music in 2006. No. 1: “You will discover your musical genome.” It’s a reference to Pandora, a Web site that’s the user-friendly front of the Music Genome Project. The project, which started six years ago and launched on the Web in August, is an ongoing […]

Project Gotham 3

The mind behind the design of the latest Project Gotham game

When Manchester illustrator Chris Davie visited New York City, he walked the streets of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn 10 hours a day for 10 days straight, taking photos of everything he saw, from the Brooklyn Bridge to storefronts in Chinatown to small cracks in the street. It wasn’t that he was an overly excited tourist: […]

Building Consensus: Big box retail expansion has always meant battles with protestors, competitors and double-dealing politicians

The arsonist struck in the early hours of June 27. Under cover of darkness, the perpetrator threw a large rock through the front entrance of an almost completed 100,000-square-foot Zellers store in the south end of Guelph, Ont., and lit a garbage fire in the store’s foyer before escaping. The fire activated the building’s sprinkler […]