Our chairs are killing us, but that’s just the start. Why it’s time to re-think the entire office

There is a workplace where employees can drop off dry cleaning onsite and chat with an in-house doctor before arriving at their desks. Low on cash, they can hit the ATM on the way to the onsite convenience store, or go to the gym for a mid-morning break. There’s no cafeteria here, not in the […]

Travel agents haven’t been replaced by the Internet — in fact they’re more in demand than ever

Part of the joy of watching the television show The Americans, which is set in the early 1980s, is marvelling at the fashion, design and accoutrement that now are, if not defunct, then at least retro (and not in a chic way). Big hair, shoulder pads, station wagons. The two main characters even own a […]

A trip to Veneto — Prosecco’s home — shows why the fizzy drink is an easy favourite

Acqua di Vita is the name of a grappa in Bottega distillery’s product line, but it could — nay, should — be another name for its Prosecco, or for Prosecco in general. The bubbly is a lifeline for vineyards in the Veneto region of northeast Italy, hectares of steep hillsides blooming with glera grapes every […]

White Island

The crater good: New Zealand’s volcano-friendly White Island

Rotorua is alive, by which I mean the earth beneath one’s feet there is ever-shifting. And not in that erosion-over-the-course-of-a-million-years way, but in a come-back-in-four-monthsand-it-will be different way. The city in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand’s North Island, a three-hour drive south from Auckland, is a hub of activity. Dubbed the country’s […]


What’s your musical genome? A web site aims to answer that question

In its April issue, Esquire makes five bold predictions about music in 2006. No. 1: “You will discover your musical genome.” It’s a reference to Pandora, a Web site that’s the user-friendly front of the Music Genome Project. The project, which started six years ago and launched on the Web in August, is an ongoing […]